Single Audits allow the federal government to monitor recipient fund management and ensure proper spending on grant programs. Tate & Tryon specializes in nonprofits and has significant experience performing Single Audits. This experience includes auditing organizations that receive funding from most government agencies

We understand that each contract/grant agreement is unique. Therefore, our professionals employ a tailored approach to conducting the audit that allows them to adjust their audit procedures to match each client’s unique compliance requirements. We work closely with clients to help them understand the complex compliance areas and provide resources to assist in setting up documentation. We also work with management during the audit to develop reasonable corrective actions if needed, including the strengthening of internal controls as they concern federal programs.

Tate & Tryon is a proud member of the AICPA Governmental Audit Quality Center.


How Could Federal Tax Reform Impact Nonprofits?

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Exempt Organization Tax11/17/2017


By:  Doug Boedeker, CPA, Partner
It has been a challenge staying current on the twists and turns involved with the proposals for Federal Tax Reform. Many of the ideas within the tax reform package have a direct impact on nonprofit organizations.
Charitable deductions, executive compensation, employee fringe benefits, and intermediate sanctions are just some of the “hot […]

Tate & Tryon Launches New Tagline and Web Presence

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Firm News11/10/2017

November 16th, 2017
Washington, D.C. — “Driving Insights that Count” — Tate & Tryon, a leading accounting firm for nonprofits, headquartered in Washington, D.C., announced its new tagline and fresh website, marking significant growth and introducing a pivotal strategy to its service of the metropolitan area.
Charles Tate, the Firm’s Managing Director, stated “The driver […]

Takeaways from Nonprofit CFO of the Year Best Practices Panel Discussion

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Firm News11/06/2017

Prior to the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon, Tate & Tryon’s managing partner, Charlie Tate moderated a panel discussion among 4 former award winners on what it takes to run an effective finance department.
Here are five key takeaways from the discussion:

No more than 25% of their time is consumed by […]

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